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Aug 13, 2020 | News

Once you get your pre-arrival service letter, IRCC can help you prepare to find work in Canada.

They can help you:

  • search for and find employment
  • write your Canadian-style resume
  • learn about Canadian workplace culture
  • find a mentor with experience
  • prepare to get your credentials recognized

Organizations to help you find work

Active Engagement and Integration Project (AEIP) 

This project offers online services globally. It offers general employment services through information orientations, workshops and webinars. The AEIP can help you: 

  • write your resume 
  • prepare to work in Canada 
  • get your credentials recognized 
  • attend online job fairs to learn about potential employers 

Languages of service: English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin. 

Canada InfoNet 

This organization offers online services globally to help you: 

  • prepare for work 
  • access employer-interactive webinars 
  • access job matching platforms 
  • find a mentor with experience in your sector 
  • learn about Canadian workplace culture 

Languages of service: English and French. 

Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) 

This organization offers online services globally. They offer support such as: 

  • online courses, including “Job Search Strategies” and “Working in Canada” 
  • webinars 
  • help for preparing to work in Canada 

Languages of service: English and French (coming soon). 

Connexions Francophones 

This program offers employment services to French-speaking newcomers wishing to settle in Francophone communities. Services include: 

  • virtual job fairs in real time with potential employers seeking French-speaking employees 
  • how to prepare to work in Canada and get your credentials recognized 
  • webinars about mentoring, writing a resume and Canadian workplace culture 

Languages of service: English, French and Arabic. 

Industry-specific services

These organizations provide assistance and information specific to various industries. 

BCCA Integrating Newcomers 

The British Columbia Construction Association Integrating Newcomers (BCCA-IN) program provides free one-on-one pre-arrival services to newcomers 

  • with a construction background 
  • interested in learning how their education and experience can apply to construction work 

Services BCCA-IN offers include 

  • skills assessment 
  • job leads 
  • accreditation advice 
  • settlement services referrals 

BCCA-IN supports 

  • architects 
  • designers 
  • project managers 
  • estimators 
  • engineers 
  • tradespeople 
  • those in strategic business supports (like human resources, finance, analytics, information technology and others) 

Language of service: English. 


This organization offers online services globally. If you plan on living in Ontario, BuildOn offers services that focus on: 

  • construction 
  • skilled trades 
  • engineering 

Languages of service: English and French. 

ACCES Employment: Canadian Employment Connections and Entrepreneurship Connections Pre-Arrival (CEC-ECP) 

This organization offers online services globally. They offer industry-specific job services, including one-on-one coaching, to help you: 

  • prepare to look for jobs 
  • prepare to work in Canada 
  • learn about workplace culture 

Consult this organization if you want to work in the fields of: 

  • engineering 
  • entrepreneurship 
  • finance 
  • leadership 
  • human resources 
  • sales and marketing 
  • supply chain management 

Language of service: English. 

Global Onboarding of Talent Initiative (GO Talent) 

This initiative offers online services globally. They support newcomers from the information and technology sector to help you: 

  • with sector-specific help 
  • attend career events 
  • find a job 
  • get your credentials recognized 

Languages of service: English and French. 

Integrating Newcomers 

This organization offers online services to prepare newcomers for jobs in the construction industry. 

Languages of service: English, French, Tagalog, Mandarin and Cantonese. 

Pre-Arrival Supports and Services Program (PASS) 

This program helps nurses prepare to work in Canada’s health-care field. It offers information about the nursing registration process and the Canadian health-care system. 

PASS provides connections to sector-specific information including: 

  • workplace practices in health care 
  • mentoring with Canadian nurses 
  • schools 
  • the nursing registration process 
  • regulatory bodies 

Language of service: English. 

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